[Dai Duojiu of lens of corneal model form gets effective] _ of lens of form of _ cornea model restores time _ when to restore –

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, still can take model form lens to undertake correctional, have a lot of people inherent strabismus and astigmatism, the effect that takes therapy of a few correctional glasses so will be better, how long can lens of Dai Yan of so corneal plasticity get effective?

Lens of corneal model form is worn how to long get effective

1, do not sleep on Dai Wan by day

Art of form of contemporary and corneal model is a myopic Jiao Zhihe myopic control technology, the corneal geometry according to nearsighted patient and diopter number design a kind of special rigid cornea to contact lens, nightly deserve to wear 8-10 hour, the radian that passes lens changes corneal curvature, make corneal form more rationalize, do not wear any glasses to be able to have vision of clarity naked eye by day and but myopic degree deepens adolescent of effective keep within limits quickly. Lens of corneal model form is ophthalmic and clinical on accepted most healthy eyesight correct studies an option, also be 18 years old of the following adolescent at present exclusive and effective blame operation myopia controls a medium.

2, medical treatment technology cannot trifling matter

Lens of corneal model form is technology of a medical treatment, check matchs personnel must be oculist, want to groom through inspecting optical foundation not only, the permeability rigid with be had certain is invisible glasses check matchs theory knowledge and actualLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Handle mastery of a skill or technique, the test that even responsibility heart; of height begins this work at the same time matchs an orgnaization to inspect facility must all ready, detect the method reachs a program to answer strict and normative; is additional, the doctor wants objective bona fide to introduce the action of lens of corneal model form to the person that match lens, dai Jing of doctor’s advice of comply with of the person that let match lens, with medicine, undertake checking regularly, ability already safety helps glasses of child pick off effectively again.

Lens of corneal model form is worn how to long get effective

3, not be everybody appropriate

To match the security that wear and effectiveness, when normal hospital matchs lens of corneal model form for patient check, can have a series of strict examinations. Age of general requirement child is above of 8 one full year of life is 18 years old of the following adolescent to undertake sexual myopia; myopic degree is in 500 degrees in sexual astigmatism wants; cornea to be in under curvature of cornea of 150 degrees of; 41 degrees of ~46.00 spend; monocular and optimal correctional eyesight, intraocular pressure is normal; is additional, high corneal and centrifugal rate and appropriate corneal ply also provide a basis to forecast Dai Jing’s result.

4, safe premise is to follow the doctor’s advice

Use lens of corneal model form for a long time to won’t cause undesirable effect to the eye, safe of course premise is to must want to be in next directive use of oculist, the test that there is a science in normal hospital matchs, use program. Accept optometrist to the hospital regularly answerForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Appearance reachs adolescent to the little patient for, just be safer. Expert, when adolescent is using lens of corneal model form, the parent must be supervised or help child completes program of clean, disinfection by the standard, follow regularly besides what after deserving to wear, need visit besides, if the child is in,eye ministry appears during deserving to wear unwell, should get off instantly lens sees a doctor in time.

Lens of corneal model form is worn how to long get effective

5, lens of corneal model form also has service life

Life of lens of lens of corneal model form asks to adorn cannot exceed two years, some people are likely not be willing to part with or use desertions, do not follow the doctor’s advice can use 3 years, even some time are longer, the expert reminds this glasses to also be met ageing is out of shape, outside wearing eyeball of the cross-eye on the eye to have undesirable effect, still can cause it is not clear to see a thing, have double image.

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