[long a knot in one’s heart is how to return a responsibility in scalp] – of reason of _ of pathogeny of _ of _ scalp long a knot in one’s heart

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We know a face to go up, on the neck, back chairman a knot in one’s heart or it is blain, but some poll skin also chairman a knot in one’s heart, have a plenty of greatly bag, have a plenty of hard hard a swelling on the skin, this makes a person special perplex, actually, element of long a knot in one’s heart is very much on scalp, common carelessly wholesome, cause a bacterium to affect the folliculitis that cause, have little a knot in one’s heart easily, how should do so?

 Long a knot in one's heart is how to return a responsibility in scalp

Above all, the most possible is folliculitis, previously, had risen on head of my little brother, the course takes antiphlogistic antibacterial and external application ointment is good.

Folliculitis, general relatively the place that sends Yu Changmao, for instance, scalp, facial, bosom, armpit is coarse. Because grape coccus is affected,main reason is, the surface is not clean, scratch catch reach airframe immunity force to drop be brought about.

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can affect grape coccus, main as a result of weather burning hot perspire, scalp place is feculent, be bored with of long-term fat Gan Hou, hot exciting food causes sebaceous glands to secrete catch too much urticant bring about.

Appear at the beginning gules papula or pustule sore, slowly evolve for sore of papule sex blain, blush has inflammation all around, become dry and scabby later again. Can heal one week later about, but can break out repeatedly. Common treatment adopts antibiotic ointment and antibiotic medicaments.

Next, besides folliculitis, that is dermatitis of fat excessive sex, call fat excessive sex papule again, general good hair abounds place at sebaceous glands, for instance hair, facial, trunk. Main crowd is a new student reach an adult.

 Long a knot in one's heart is how to return a responsibility in scalp

The cause that causes dermatitis of fat excessive sex still is clear about not completely, but concern with bacterium of spore of egg circle chaff, be used to with mental element, food besides, lack of vitamin of B a group of things with common features and wine of be addicted to can be affected.

Initial stage also behaves the fur that it is a head there is inflammation sex papula all round bursa, subsequently development is what take yellow red slightlyLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Spot piece, there still are fat scale bits and scab skin above. It is commonly begin from the head, serious person can spread to the whole body, development is red skin disease.

Cure uses ointment of hydrogenation cortisone, erythromycin and Mi Zun commonly kind medicine mixes external use inside with candy coriaceous hormone is mixed antibiotic and vitamin B2, vitamin B6.

Again, it is psoriasis likely, psoriasis is the psoriasis that everybody knows, it is a kind of chronic dermatosis, do not cross this oneself should know whether haveLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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This is ill, scalp psoriasis also can appear same symptom, there just is white scale bit on spot piece, after signing inunction phosphor bits with cotton, can see a translucence is filmy, haemorrhage can appear after film scrapes.

 Long a knot in one's heart is how to return a responsibility in scalp

Above 3 kinds of states, no matter be which kind of want to notice:

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Rule of work and rest, food is delicate, eat dirt of fat Gan Hou less, acrimony thornForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Stimulate sexual food, eat the vegetables and fruits that contains a lot ofa vitamin more.

② maintains sanitation of cleanness of individual, head, avoid perspiration too much, diligent bathe, shampoo. Avoid wine, maintain defecate unobstructed, strengthen exercise, enhance airframe immunity power.

③ maintains Morpheus enough, pleasurable, state of mind is gentle, do not stay up late, slow pressure.

④ avoids physical sexual excitement, scratch his head via commonly used hand for instance, wear too close pants, squeeze broken roseola to wait with the hand.

⑤ when necessary, can complement vitamin of B a group of things with common features.

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